Dry and fry manipal

Manipal which is supposed to be the place with bulk of cream crowd , has been a totally dry during the most fun demanding period of year ending.Well, being an MD student we are not provided the facility of vacation, but undergraduates MBBS as well as other brnches’ students are.And so all of them have gone to their respective native place after finishing their exams.We were kept quite a busy during exams with frequent invigilator duties.Now we can spare time for fun but their is no fun left in manipal or at least very less of it.And it seems that atmosphere of manipal has put a signboards around its boundaries saying ‘Winter is NOT allowed here’.Its terribly hot and humid here around.If you dare to go out in the afternoon direct sunlight literally pierces your skin deep enough to cause 1st degree burns!!
Most unfavorable circumstances during the best days of the year are really disturbing.By the way it seems our faculty members have noticed our joblessness and found out some solutions to it in the form of new schedule that will be confronted to us in the first week of January.Looking forward to it.What else?!!

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