Coffee to Coffee

Between 10 30 to 11 we are allowed to slip out of the department to have a cup of coffee and freshen up. No one would miss such an opportunity and we are no exceptions. I really don’t know what exactly we are occupied with till 10 30 to deserve a coffee. And to add to that, our favourite coffee hangout- Fresh & Honest shop is quite far to walk to, in the hot and humid climate here – still we go for it(So determined you see!!).

Fresh & Honest shops are distributed throughout the campus and doing a really good job. At 7 bucks per a cup of coffee and your brain literally starts running. If you are keen about the taste and smoothness go for cappuccino, a real good shot. I personally have developed a habit of coffee long back in my 12th standard and the frequency is gradually increasing. Being a qualified doc, I know the long term harms but still can’t resist fresh and honest taste!

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