Encounter of the third kind–Dr. Ravindrasingh Rajput.

Once upon a time, against my will,
That fine day, the time was still.
A silent wind, was touching window pane,
Ground was dry, due to reluctant rain.

A meddlesome crowd, was passing by,
A motherless child, left there to die.
He was alone and gave a silent cry,
Peace was lost, which money can’t buy.

I, a part of the crowd, could see him,
But due to heavy fog, my sight was dim.
Some unknown force, then attracted me,
Then who stepped aside the crowd; it was I.

Like a white paper, the child was pale,
I slowly headed his way, like a snail
I was halfway between the crowd and the child,
Seeing right at me, he attempted a hide.

Finally I held the child, pitied him,
Whose face shown due to light beam
Skin was rough and his body was cold,
Clothes were torn, which looked very old.

What I smelt; something was wrong.
Those moments were going long.
He looked very hungry; I gave him a cake,
He took it with ease, and pushed in the neck.

I surprised he had cut throat,
It as just like a loin gulped the goat.
Child said, “Sorry, I couldn’t eat by mouth,
Cause I was killed long back in the south.

A streak of sweat, dripped from my face,
I thought that would be a paranormal case.
Backed to the crowd and my heartbeat loud,
Crowd still passing by they looked so proud.

For few moments, was thinking to my mind?
This might be a, encounter of the third kind.
I was nearly fainted, but managed to walk,
I gave a person nearby, a little talk.

“Since with this crowd, for sometime,
Scenario here is a kind of mime.
That child is a ghost, can you see?”
He said,” yes he is and so are we”.

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