The last human

My skin clammy and cold,
There are blisters in my inner self.
I cannot handle this anymore,
I just want to burn myself.

Light keep on pricking my eyes,
My skin burns under the sun.
I like to be awake in the dark,
As the day begins, to hide, I run.

“He is the last Human left,
On the earth”, the bee hums.
On the search, nothing to eat,
No choice, left with worms.

To find my destiny I keep on running.
All the boulevards turned into ‘biohazard’.
What I breathe, nothing but black smoke,
My shadows keep on running like a giant wizard.

Until the last breath, I will survive.
Until I burn, under the burning sun.
I have to create, my own country.
I will be the president and myself the citizen.

Withered leaves and broken trees are all left.
It is a radioactive earth, and I am a mutated one.
One day I will find my find my eve,
She will free me from being the last human.

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