The new facade of terrorism

Terrorism in India has links across the border, but the hands that execute terror lie within the country. The responsibility for the serial bomb blasts in Jaipur on tuesday, has been claimed by a new terrorist group that calls itself the “Indian Mujahideen”. It has also been confirmed that the video released before the blasts by this group is also authentic.

This means that the terrorist attacks in India will now be executed under the banner of the Indian mujahideen. It appears that the Jaipur bomb blasts were executed to establish this new identity. This is an attempt to establish a pure Indian identity for terror organizations, which, previously were exported from international sources.

It has also become clear that the ISI and the Al Qaeda have been able to create a network within the country which can utilise the local know how to the maximum. The largest benefits to these anti-social elements will be that they will now have a mask for their anti-India activities while, they will still receive monetary support from the outside.

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