A journey to a cup of coffee

I was given a responsibility to take care of someone’s house for 2 days and as most of youngsters are, I also was a kind of overconfident and accepted it saying ‘ya sure.Not a big deal’.To be frank it actually is and I have to admire women -especially Indian- for being up to the mark in performing this task.
I and my friend decided to serve ourselves with a cup of hot Bru coffee to kick the sleep out of our eyes at 11 30 in the night.So that we could read for 1 more hour.But eventually ‘the making of coffee’ itself went for 45 minutes!The person whose home we went in also was alone for few days as his wife had gone outstation as an examiner and so everything was ‘so well arranged(sarcastically)’ that it took us 5mins to search for a lighter.
With all clean vessels, sugar and coffee powder we were all set to on the stove but it was a sort of new to me in looks.it wouldn’t be considered wise to experiment with an LPG stove if you are not well verse with it.I called up a girl and got the necessary information.Suddenly my most caring friend(!!) told me to check for the connection between cylinder and stove which was supposed to be off according to his logic.I told ‘yep.I have done it before and will teach you how to switch it on’.Unluckily it was on and I just knew that we need to turn the nob by 180degree to switch it on.I did it and the next moment the nob along with the whole attachment cap was in my hand.
I put it back swiftly and rapidly but not confidently.
We switched on the exhaust and waited for 5 mins for any possible gas in kitchen to move out.In an environment of apprehension , exhaust sounded weird.We both knew that nothing is gonna happen but the flip side of the coin-The blast with we both in and that too in someone else’s house- was really scary.
Finally my gutsy friend lifted the lighter and clicked it.And as if we didn’t have enough lighter was giving small electric shocks on the pumping finger!Ignoring that aftershocks we finally put on the stove, successfully made a coffee (mild and very sweet though!) and sat in front of the TV for 10mins.Realizing our original goal of studies, we opened the book.But the effect of book superseded the effect of coffee and tired we both slept of immediately.All in all it was nice learning experience

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  1. I find your blog very useful for students. I’m going there this Sept and it certainly opened my eyes to the beauty of Manipal and also, it has lots of information! Keep up the good work! =)

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