When there is a will there is a way

Off late, I have been a bit busy with my exams as well as my dissertation work .As everyone is, I also was quite enthusiastic to do something which I consider to be really substantial.I have an inclination towards genetics and so in the initial days of my PG only I had decided to do a pharmacogenetic study.Being unexperienced about how the world really works, I didn’t know genetics studies are not a child’s play.I faced a lot of hurdles like monetary considerations, interdepartmental collaboration and ethical aspects.Being just a PG, I couldn’t do much about all this.And nothing concrete happened for quite a long time, and I was on the verge of dropping down my ambitions.But as it is said na that ‘when there is a will, there is way’, I came to know about a genetic project already being conducted in our hospital.My guides who supported me a lot in my tough time helped me again to talk to the authorized persons of that study.They also were very encouraging and gave me the permission to use their data for my study.The only thing left was clearance from ethical committee which happened yesterday.Being concerned about human rights , they were supposed to be quite strict and so I was a bit apprehensive.But here again, I had a very good experience.They were highly skilled people for getting clear all the ethical issues without being harsh.Admirable.All in all , everyone here is very co-operative and if you really want to do something right set up is available here.

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