Cricket Vs Abhinav Bindra

Faster. Higher. Stronger.

Isn’t it ironic that we advocate ourselves as a peaceful nation and win Medals in sports such as Shooting, Boxing and Wrestling?

So goes the SMS that I received today. This got me thinking about the Olympic games which recently caused quite a stir in the minds of us Cricket crazy Indians.

The Beijing 2008 Olympic games and China’s aggressive bidding to play host to this sporting supernova, It’s ability to rise like a phoenix out of the Sichuan province earthquake and to host what the former International Olympic Committee president, Juan Antonio Samaranch called ‘The best games ever’ has shown what it takes to be an influential country in this world. India on the other hand is largely unprepared to host the Commonwealth games in a year and a half.

Among all this though India found a true blue shooting star in Marksmen Abhinav Bindra, The country’s first ever and only Individual Olympic Gold medal winner. But come his next faux pas
and our cricket centric schizophrenic society that decorated him with Rs.2,09,00,000 worth of post medal rewards, will eat him raw, or rather push him into nonchalant oblivion. (If that hasn’t already occured – post the series victory against Sri Lanka).

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