As a part of of our tutorship we get to perform the duty as an ‘expert’ in undergraduate exams.Well , the word ‘expert’ is supposed to carry the its meaning, but in reality it hardly happens as I learned recently.I did duty on three different days and was sitting at a reasonable distance from the senior faculties taking exams, to be able hear the questions asked to undergraduate without putting an extra psychological pressure on the student by my presence.I succeeded in keeping the UG free of load but at the end of the day I was the one in pressure!!2 0f us were posted in the duty and I saw my colleague’s face nearly 10 times during the exam to make sure that she is also not sure of the answer of the just asked question then, lest I would have definitely gone into depression!!It was understandable for her being a 1st year PG but for me, a 2nd yr, not at all.Anyway, we understood each other’s situation and worked out a constructive long term plan anticipating 5imtes tougher questions of PG exams.
We make 2 coffee breaks in the day (most of the times we don’t really have a reason for coffee, as we are not into a headbanging work ,but we go as a part of habit.)The idea was to make coffee induced central stimulation fruitful.No nonacademic talk and intensive reading at least for 1hr after coffee.Yet to see whether it works out or not.
Actually its not that we don’t know the matter.The fact is that we don’t recollect when suddenly
faced it.Today only I read an article published in ‘THE HINDU’ , a famous newspaper here.The article was about the causes of memory loss and way to overcome it.Out of the 2 main theories of
1. time induced lapse of information storage and
2.temporal confusibility
the 2nd one was proved to be the main reason.Scientists say that if you happen to know 2 things similar to each other u tend to have problems in recollecting either of them.More the number of matter and more the number of similarities, it becomes increasingly difficult to recollect any.And if that is the case than its not a good news for us because pharmacology- the subject of effect of drugs- is all about similarities (more often) and fewer differences which get under shadowed.Booster doses of reading like vaccines are very much required for any subject especially pharmacology and probably this is the place where ‘apparently’ brighter students take the piece of cake

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