Baby Care Centers

Mow a day’s, it has become common that both husband and wife have jobs outside home as both are employed. Especially mothers who usually are home makers, have to care for their own children and must seek income for satisfactory living widows. Who have babies may have to go to office or factory for earning. Then where should they leave their children.?? Today baby care or day care centre business is flourishing and is found profitable. Sometimes these centres are called baby sitting services. Babies have to be looked after at least till the age of 6. Most parents prefer to leave the children closer to home than where they work. There will be day care centres in residential neighbourhood areas also.

To start with, these centres may have just baby sitting service and expanded thereafter to provide baby care. A vacant house is required for this purpose. a large home with a backyard is much better. The centre may be started on a partnership basis to save money. Day care centre located on a main thorough fare with the building set back from the street is ideal. Generally the working hours of the centre are from 6 A.M through 6 P.M. Sometimes breakfast has to be provided if necessary. So a cook is essential to prepare food. So the owner has to plan for important overhead costs like milk, food grains etc. The strength of children has to be limited and this depends on the area of the place. The owner has to buy toys, a small TV set, small chairs etc. If there are children aged more than 3 years, a teacher may be deployed to teach them rhymes, lessons and tell stories to pass time. First aid box has also to be kept as a preventive measure. The centre is almost a house with all amenities.

Day care centres may be started in a small scale at the beginning and expanded in stages with profit. The owner should have the ability to hold costs in line while achieving more enrolment. The owner can even provide van – pick up service for children and charge. Now a day’s it has become in cities that paying guest houses (PG Houses) are being established in varius extensions to enable working women.

When once the image and reputation of either day care centre or PG house are established in an area people will be much more inclined to leave their childen in day care centers and working wome occupy PG hoses. Definitely, this is a better earning source provided one take care of proper administration. advertising is much essential. Media may be used to the maximum.

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