How to Become Rich?

To become rich means to have enough money, sufficient money and be happy. Not only that. A rich person means he will have positive attitude, good health, fearlessness, faith, love of labour, open mind on all subjects and discipline. Above all he is a hard worker. He has the capacity to understand others. However in this world , we call people rich who have money, more money. It is true. Money is wealth. The goddess of money is Lakshmi. Rich people in India worship the goddess Lakshmi.

Nobody wants to be poor. Everyone in this world wants to be rich. But is it possible? It is possible. The only way to become rich is to work. Hardwork only pays. Money is needed for any activity. Unless we have money, we cannot come out. To go anywhere, to eat anything, to live satisfactorily, to live in harmony, we need money, money, money. Money is power. Money rules. Then how much money does a man need? Nobody can say exactly. The only thing we can say is that the money that we have or going to have should keep us content. We should have peace of mind.

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