Part Time Business

There are many ways to improve your income and to become rich. You may be employed or doing a job in a private concern with a meagre salary. You may find it hard to make both ends meet. That’s what happened to Karsanbhai Patel. So in his spare time he made detergent powder at home and went door to door on his cycle selling his product. soon he thought of expanding his business. He started selling the powder in packets. He also started a factory in the backyard of his home. Soon his product NIRMA gradually became popular not only in small towns but also in big cities. He was able to expand his business all over the country. Remember, No business is small business. Today Nirma is a household name.

The basic difference between the achievers and non achievers is in terms of initiating a process. The non achievers just talk to others about their achievements. We see founders and chief executives of small companies becoming rich. Many people fear to start a business. they think that they lose money. Remember: Whatever business you choose, no business can succeed without your effort. Determination and hard work are the parents of success.

You can start a small business using your spare time. You may run a consignment shop or a confectionery, it requires little capital. You might try a wide variety of items in the beginning to see what sells best and regularly. You may buy some powertools and rent out. You may start a talent bureau and entertain the public or arrange kids parties. Magicians, puppeteers and other talents are a few examples.

You may also make money from your hobbies like photography, videography, journalistic writing or singing in an orchestra group. These things may look small and bring very little money. But over a period it enhances your earnings. Hotel business is promising. Many people flaunt their wealth by staging large, catered parties. You do not need any special education or training to become a successful caterer. Many cateres began with zero capital by working out of their homes. The investment may commence from Rs 4000. Few people capitalise their idea with Rs 1,00,000 to get off to a false start.

All that you have to know is judge what your client wants and give him what he wants. Birthday parties, wedding anniversary party, silver jubilee etc.. need caterers. The party dinner starts with soup and ends with ice-cream. There us definitely an opportunity for great wealth in the catering field. Service should be your motto. Today many caterers pay sales commissions for letting them know when they hear about a party or an event being planned.

Teaching is a good profession. Home tutions drag wealth. Moreover you may teach whatever you knoe. You may teach even cooking skills, karate, knitting, mobile service etc. Xerox copy centers are many, but still they fetch good business. You may have your own xerox machine and star a business to earn huge money. You can offer Xerox reductions and xerox copies in color.

Arranging tours, tour bus service brings money to your savings bank account. Tourists like good facilities. You may contact women’s clubs, secondary schools, social organizations etc for arranging tours. Advertise that you are a tourist agent.

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