Dressing to Woo your Woman

In Hollywood, we have actor Brenden Frazier whose character in the tri-series of – The Mummy, is one man a woman wouldn’t mind as – all brawn and no brain. In the famous series, he saves his nosy-archaeologist lady from just about any peril. In part three of the series, devoid of arms when he screams at the Dragon emperor, “Come on! Fight like a man!” it suits him to the tee. Whatta man!

Our Bollywood hunks wear their attitude on their sleeves. The big-bodied Salman Khan regularly flaunts a pretty thing on his triceped arm. Even Shahrukh Khan has fallen to the trend of ‘six packs’ and sexily gyrates to ‘Krazzy 4’ and ‘Dard-e-disco’making his female fans go weak in the knees. Rishi and Neetu Kapoor’s baby boy is all grown up and debuted with the famous act of ‘dropping his towel showing his all’, eliciting a gasp from the audience.

But get down to reality. What do women really want from a man? What really floors her? What causes passionate shivers to dance along her spine, tantalising her very being? Curiosity at its peak, for a whole week I got talking to women from different age groups and different fields and I kind of got the picture.

Attention, gentlemen! Your lady of interest is all harassed telling you, she is so stressed with work and just wants to get away for a little holiday but that happens to be a far-fetched dream at office. So, Mr Hero, here is your chance. Take the reins, promptly tell her that her boss knows she is his best for the job and in the same breath, don’t ask her, tell her, ‘Will pick you up at six for coffee and a long romantic drive for you to relax.’ Don’t overdo it and get bossy, but instead your tone should be commanding yet have that pleading irresistible drawl. She simply won’t be able to resist that.

At the start of the relationship, you are all man – opening the car door for her, warding off male stares with your hand protectively round her waist, carrying her across a puddle of rainwater as you deliciously torment her with your masculine closeness, in other words, a Bond, James Bond!

But as the attachment grows, you find yourself strangely experiencing feminine feelings – more affection for her, you want to care, share, and bare your soul. Don’t hide these strong feelings. She will be floored by your feminine side and love you more for it.

Gently get her involved in your hobbies and activities. It will amaze you to see her interest and involvement in things that make you happy. If you happen to share common likes, it is 80 per cent of the job accomplished. Indulging in activities together can be exhilarating and romantic for both of you, whether swimming together, going on intimate long drives in the lashing rain, horse riding in a rustic romantic ranch, sailing into the sunset in your private boat, sharing books, or simply even just holding hands and walking along the beach kissed by the silver moon on a ‘chandini raat’. Or for you ‘filmy log’, living that famous filmy scene – drinking from two straws, one tender coconut, remember?

Always treat her with respect, this in turn will make her dote on you. Remember even the most successful woman having men dance to her tunes, will invariably place her special one on a pedestal, because he is the one she has lost her heart to. She will command 10 males on one hand and interact with 20 others, but she will be enslaved by only you who she adores; she is strong but only you can make her cry with joy, pain and pleasure.

Caution gentlemen: The above tips are applicable only when you are in a relationship or are sure that your lady love is interested in you. Otherwise, you will find her fleeing in the opposite direction, screaming, ‘Leech’,leech!leech!,leech!

Ultimately, it would do good to remember that it does not really matter whether you are a towering Greek god with drop dead gorgeous looks, with a firm handshake, pots of money, a winning smile, have a gift of the gab, close lucrative deals, sail in luxurious yachts, anything.

What a lady needs is a simple, humble, beautiful soul, and a true courageous man who will stand by her at all times and elicit laughter from her even when those floodgates are open, as you tell her how precious those tear drops are.

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