Living on your own or living with parents?

Since the start of our birth we have had only one choice, and that’s living with our parents, and as time passed by through childhood, youth and adolescence the choice of living with our parents was a compulsory choice. The choice of getting to live with our parents or leaving them for starting an individual life comes when a person gets to work or when college education starts. Although living alone and living with your parents seem two different experiences, they both share some similarities. For instance the level of responsibilities are shared both when living alone and when living with parents, example, when living with your parents you learn how to be responsible towards other family members, as to be said, a little baby brother or baby sister or even towards older relatives such as grand parents, similarly living alone has responsibility but this time not towards others but only towards yourself. Other similarity is facing problems. Now it may seem that living alone may eliminate all problems but there are problems faced when living in that style such as fees, it must be remembered that you are no more living with your parents which means that your money must be controlled and if money is not controlled then you are facing a problem. A problem faced when living with your parents is privacy, a person does not get their own privacy when living with parents, example smoking in the house. As well as having similarities, living alone and living with your parents has differences too. Living with your parents means that there is someone always taking care of you while in contrast living alone means that it’s always yourself taking care of yourself meaning that you will taste life with its sweetness and bitterness, all by yourself. When living alone there is no one to control what time to come back to the house unlike when you are living with your parents, they always set a curfew to tell you what time to be in the house. When living alone you can get your friends in whenever and they can leave whenever on the second hand when living with your parents, your friends can not come at anytime and leave at anytime. In the end, after weighing the similarities and the differences I prefer living alone than living with parents. I prefer the first choice because it helps to make a man out of me, it will help me be responsible, how to take care of myself and how to take care of my money. It will also help me know the value of life and the importance of family. What do you think?

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