Preparing your oral presentation

First of all, think…….

  • Think about what you want to achieve:

    do you want to inform your audience, inspire them to think about your topic, or convince them of a particular point of view?

  • Think about your audience:

    what background knowledge do they have about your topic? Do they have any particular interests? How are you going to involve them in your presentation?


  • Brainstorm your topic and write a rough outline.
  • Research your topic. Don’t get carried away—remember you have a limited time for your presentation.
  • Organise your material and write a draft—think about the length of time you have to talk.
  • Summarise your draft into points to write on overheads and/or cards.
  • Plan and prepare your visual aids.
  • Rehearse your presentation and get its length right. Ask a friend to listen and time you.

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