Andrews University – College of Technology

Andrews University is one of the two universities that MIT twins with. This means undergraduate students from MIT can apply for a transfer to Andrews after two years here in Manipal, following the normal application procedure of taking your SAT’s and proceed to complete your degree there. Or you can enrol yourself for the ICAS program in which you would study two years in MIT and the remaining two at Andrews. Andrews University offers a number of graduate programs as well for those interested in obtaining a Master’s Degree.

The College of Technology’s computer department has interests and research ranging from algorithm visualisation to software metrics. through software engineering you will discover the principles necessary for software development. A software degree will give an individual varying employment options like Computer consultant, Networking specialist, Systems developer etc. The Courses offered at Andrews University are:

  • Computer Engineering Tech.
  • Computer Science
  • Mechatronics Engineering Tech.
  • Software engineering
  • Software Systems
  • Engineering Management
  • Horticulture
  • Landscape Design
  • Animal Science
  • Agriculture
  • Aviation flight
  • Aviation Tech.
  • Aircraft Engineering Tech.
  • Aviation Maintanence
  • Digital Multimedia
  • Graphic Imaging
  • Photographic Imaging
  • Automotive Tech.

Why Andrews?

Andrews University’s, the College of Technology enrolls approximately 350 Undergraduate students each year in its associate and baccalaureate degree programs. These degrees are offered in four departments of College of Technology – Aeronautical Technology, Agriculture, Engineering/Computer Science/Engineering Technology, and technology education. The College employs 28 full-time Faculties and administrators in addition to a number of contract teachers. These programs will give you the necessary skills and assist you in bridging your educational experiences to a rewarding world of work in the 21st Century.

If you want a satisfying, well paid job when you graduate, choose a career in Technology and join many graduates who are earning $30,000 to $80,000 per year during their first year out of college.

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