India Needs a Stronger Government

Presently the nation is going through a very difficult phase. The number one enemy of our nation Pakistan has broken the cease-fire agreement and started undeclared war by firing across our borders. Simultaneously there are bomb blasts and terrorist attacks in Kashmir shattering internal security within India. In the Northern sector China is allegedly grabbing land and occupying Indian territory. Internally, there is a spurt in Civil unrest, a case in point being the violent pro and anti – Telangana protests. These are just a few problems within the country. Outside, there is increase in Racial attacks on the Indian community in Australia.

Further more the rise in domestic food and oil prices is pushing people to the brink of further unrest. At this critical hour, the government at the centre should have been strong and stable. Unfortunately this is not so. The central government has exhibited its inefficiency in tackling the terrorist problem. Though the police work efficiently and arrest the terrorists, the judiciary convict them but the government having vote bank politics in mind indirectly protects them lest they might hurt the feelings of a particular community. Take the example of the case of Afzal Guru sentenced for death. The government is afraid it might face the wrath of the community if the convict is condemned.

The whole nation is under internal and external threat due to a weak government.

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