2010 Summer Fashion Tips

Wondering what to buy this summer? Buy something that will become an iconic piece in your wardrobe – from chandelier dresses to raw and ripped chiffon, to knickers or metallic snakeskin marvels, to floral prints, trench dresses, checks designed knee length shorts to the most beautiful dresses. If you buy just a single thing for this summer, make sure it creates a story.

2010 Summer Fashion tips

If hemlines are to be believed, the trends are certainly looking up. Skirts are creeping up the thigh; bloomers are in: whether you wear it on your tights, or on lame socks with heels, a little bit of glamour always does a girl good.

Shoes are still big style statements, but heels are coming down, kitten heels and clogs are still in vogue though.

Where last summer, fashion had been all about colour blocking, next will be about subtleties of tone: washed out peach or grey with icy blue. The big story this time will be ice-cream colours, making cut and drapery big style statements as opposed to eye popping hues. White is always a trend for summer, but 2010 is expected to be full washout-bleaches. Cotton comes tailor made and masculine, or as bulging and ruffled and if you want colours make it checked.

Party dresses-lots of them, to be worn day and night with interesting folds around the hip for added shape.

A jump suit, whether single shouldered or strapless and loose trousers that taper to the ankle preferably in silk are in trend. Bring shoes down a level or two if you venture from the washed out palette, make it bold, tribal or ethnic print. A belt with skinny ribbons or in wide leather versions, the waist intends to allow you to show off your curves this summer. Complement your dresses with handbags of bright colours this summer.

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