How to Learn in Medical Class

  1. Be Prepared & On Time
    1. Read all assignments
    2. Have a positive attitude
    3. Have all necessary materials
  2. Take Organized Notes – (sample formal outline)
    1. Formal Style
      • Uses Roman Numerals to group related information
      • Information moves from general to more specific subtopics
    2. Informal Style
      • Based on Formal Style
      • Doesn’t use Roman #’s
      • May save time
    3. Paragraph Style
      • Use for:
        • difficult to follow lectures
        • discussion style classes
        • difficult material
      • Must reorganize later
    4. Cornell System
      • Right & left hand margins
      • All notes (any style) on Right side
      • Review notes THE VERY SAME DAY
      • Identify key terms/ideas from Right and put on Left side margin
      • Write questions on L. side that can be answered by info. on right side
      • Cover up R. side & recite based on what’s on L. side until you know it
      • Weekly – review notes from that week or unit
  3. Listen
    1. Write it down when the teacher
      1. says it’s important
      2. puts it on the overhead or board
      3. repeats herself
      4. breaks info into steps
      5. gives contrasts or pros/cons
      6. changes her tone or volume of voice
    2. Signal words & phrases
      1. Introductory words – gives basic outline of lecture
      2. Qualifying words – notes exceptions to the rules
      3. Cause & Effect – shows relationship b/w ideas or events
      4. Contrast words – same as 3
      5. Repeat words – clarifies information
      6. Test clues – alerts you to possible test questions
      7. Summary words – wraps up the lesson
      8. Example words – explains information

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