Inculcating Good Road Habits

It has been generally observed that during the ‘Traffic Safety Week’ and other such commemorative days related to road safety, the police are quite severe on traffic offenders fining them for various violations on the roads. Monitoring over-speeding and keeping a special watch on no-entry zones, they ensure that the safety aspect of the occasion is marked in letter and spirit. However, one detail that is conveniently overlooked is an attempt to enforce good manners on the roads.

Let us begin with the most fundamental of these. Many drivers are averse to the idea of using indicators which is an act of basic courtesy to other road users. Some have even forgotten the customary wave of the hand to signal a turning. Many forget to switch off their indicators once turns are taken confusing the driver of the vehicle behind them. For that matter, quite a few vehicles, especially public carriers, do not have tail lamps in working condition.

Hooting is another feature of driving that is conspicuously an oddity considering that it is used for all other purposes other than what it is prescribed for. The droning of raised throttles and screeching tyres contribute to the noise pollution that is more irritating than the health hazard that it poses.

And the most cherished virtue that is lacked on the roads is patience! Giving the right of way to other automobiles or waiting for pedestrians to cross is a morality that today’s motorists sadly lack. All this amounts to discourteousness on the roads and must be deemed a socially unacceptable behaviour. It is imperative that inculcating good road habits should form a part of driver education.

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