KMC Mangalore Students Make a Record in Research Achievements

In a rare feat unparalleled by any Medical College in the country,KMC Mangalore students have got 19 abstracts published in an Indexed medical journal for the first time.

Last year in view of the tremendous response by the Medical students of Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore in submitting 93 papers for ICMR short term scholarship (of which ICMR could sanction only 19 of them owing to Institutional caps), KMC Mangalore had requested Manipal University for allocation of Rs. One Lakh in the 2009-10 budget, in order to facilitate more students undertaking research.  Manipal University has been extremely magnanimous and sanctioned double the amount (Rs. Two Lakhs).  
The undergraduate medical students responded to this generosity overwhelmingly and achieved the remarkable feat of presenting 22 papers at this years’ MEDICON 2010 in June at Coimbatore (An exclusive International Medical students’ conference, which was hosted here in Mangalore in June 2009).  Out of total 120 abstracts published, 19 of them are by KMC Mangalore students in an indexed international medical journal – The Australasian Medical Journal 2010, Volume 3, Issue  8, pg 507-565, a rare feat unparalleled by any Medical College in the country, truly a feather in the cap of this Institution.
We at The Unofficial Manipal University Blog thought we should share this great achievement with all and also express our gratitude to the University authorities for the financial assistance and support rendered.

Link to Pdf file with the abstracts