The Festival of Rain Flowers

Onam Flower Arrangement – Pookalam

The sweet scent of flowers entangled with the rich aroma of different foods represents Onam. It is a harvest festival celebrated in Kerala during the Malayalam month of Chingam, which represents the calendar month of August and September. There are many different traditions associated with this festival such as making an Onam pookalam (flower arrangement) to eating a full Onam sadya (meal) with many different courses.

The event celebrates the return of the great King Mahabali. According to legend,King Mahabali was known to be a benevolent and judicious king. His reign was known to be during the golden era in which people were happy and prosperous. However, his popularity was also the cause of his downfall due to jealousy sprouting amongst some Detail of Floral Decoration Called Pookkallam at Entrance to Restaurant to Celebrate Onam Festival Photographic Poster Print by Richard I'Anson, 30x40
All over the world people celebrate the harvest festival by making Onam pookalams in
front of their houses or by dressing up in the traditional gold and white sari, or gold-­‐bordered lungi.

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