Back to my roots…

It has been ages since I posted something here or on my personal blog. All I’ve got in mind these days is studies (oh, damn) and sleep (sweet, elusive sleep…). Anyways, I was in Udupi the day before yesterday and here are some pictures.

The extremely bumpy road ride to Udupi. Fast, rash drivers, for the win!

Cross-roads in Udupi. Lots of cars, no signals, no traffic police-men and surprisingly no accidents! And I’ve got to acknowledge, here, drivers are awesomely fast!

Nearing our ancestral house in Udupi…

The neighbour’s place. There used to be a cat which I always used to scare and run after. Now, this kitten faces the same monstrosity: me. 😛

The entrance to our house in Udupi. Awsome place. And for once, real food. Yes, real food. 

Mere saamne waali khidki me ek chaand ka tukda rehta hai…The full moon shining bright o’er this godly place…

An art work my mother made. I’ve been seeing this in the main hall of our house in Udupi since ages; I want to make one of such things!!!
Signing off…

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