DudhSagar Falls – Photo Feature

These are some photographs we clicked while we were studying in Belgaum during our MBBS days. We went to Dudhsagar by trekking from the nearby railway junction of CastleRock!!

On the way to Dudhsagar by trekking, we came across a lot of small waterfalls/ cascades of water falling off the steep inclines of the western ghats. We were lucky to have visited the falls in the month of July, during our stay in the nearby educational township of Belgaum.

In the monsoon season, if it has rained well in the catchment areas, the falls make for an awesome sight. In this picture, the railway tracks which run right next to the second tier of the falls, has completely covered them. We were wondering whether trains could be allowed to pass, as the blast from the falls was very intense.

And to our surprise, A train did emerge out of the mist and waterfalls. It must have been an amazing experience to people in the train, terrifying at the same time!! In the foreground you see the railway gangmen having a close watch on the alignment of the wheels on the tracks.

Some random orchids on the steep incline of the western ghats. The rich flora is now being threatened by increasing tourist activity.

Tunnel Vision. Clicking photos in dark places, with prolonged exposure and the absence of Tripods is not a good idea, but sometimes gives interesting results.

One of the many streams flowing down from the hills. The water is crystal clear and clean!!

The Gushing sounds of the water was very pleasant to the ears! Luckily for us, during the entire trek, it did not rain! Else it would have been a very tricky walk even along the railway tracks..

A glimpse of the falls… as we got closer, the sound was tremendous and some in the group thought it was due to an oncoming train! Many including myself, jumped of the tracks and waited for a considerable amount of time before hopping back!!

The DudhSagar falls

This was just before the train pierced through the mist. Somehow, the Railway gangmen, got into position. I did not see how they could communicate, there was not telephone!!

A view from the top of the second tier of the falls.

Dudh Sagar – In all it’s glory.


We walked along these!! This is a strengthened section of the tracks, along a bend on the hills.

The same site, you can now see why strengthening was required!!

No.. This is not a train! A millipede on the railway tracks!! Awesome!!
Manipalites of course are very familiar with this particular creature, seen in abundance during the rains!!

And a specimen of Rana Tigrina or the frog!! This one refused to budge of the tracks.. we decided to let it commit suicide, despite a few protests from the only adventurous girl in the group!!

One of the inaccessible waterfalls we saw on the way to Dudhsagar!

We also came across this crab! How it got there is anybody’s guess. Some of the guys wanted to cook it for dinner, better sense prevailed as there were no proper toilets available and we did not want anyone with a delicate stomach to suffer 🙂

A magnificient visage we came across when the low flying clouds parted for a few minutes!

Another vista of the magnificence of the Western Ghats!!

One of the many bridges on the railway tracks! Looking at the moss growing on the sides, most of us were very scared to travel in trains on this section! Wonder how old these are!!

A butterfly decided to have a piece of action!!


An old tunnel!!

One of the many bugs that we encountered on the trek! Shame, I did not get a better pic

A train! A train! A train of thoughts… This one took us back the next day 🙂

Waiting for the train in the above pic.. We had to flag it down.. an awesome experience to say the least.. where else can you flag a train? A bus perhaps 🙂 …

A hanging bridge we found on the trek! Wonder where it leads to??

Some Dumbbells we found! None of us tried to lift them.. 

Lasting memories! When will I visit again???


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