Life In Manipal Institute Of Communication

Manipal Institute of Communication

Before joining MIC, I was in another college. The reason I shifted was that I disliked that college, and since I disliked it, my attendance was laughably low. Which means I was forced to drop out. Something which is not a common occurrence in my scholarly family. Funny thing is, even though I was ashamed of myself, I didn’t really feel guilty. Just wiser.

So, with my bitter experience, I decided to join MIC. Simply because I knew the college from before, and had online friends there. Asking them, I got a response which I think was apt to the point. “MIC is 3 years of fun. If you are not really eager, you will learn absolutely nothing.”
So, bags packed I came to Manipal. It was raining. I got a very good hostel room, and was astounded by the food court. It didn’t feel like a mess at all, (even though now, I think Food court food sucks.)
The first thing I noticed about my batchmates, was that all of them were dropouts, some 3-4 year dropouts. A sizable number in my class (BAJC First year) is 22 plus.
Life away from home is interesting. Especially in a place like this, where leisure never stops. In fact, often times you have to make a choice between two equally interesting leisure activities. And in MIC, even college is all about chilling. You can enter a class 45 minutes late, and still get attendance. Or give your attendance in 5 minutes and leave the class. Afterall, we’re here to have fun, learning can wait. (Personal philosophy.)
Usually, I have heard people tell that they feel homesick, when they go away for studies. It is not true here. In the words of my very good friend, “You know after coming to Manipal, I don’t miss home only. Mummy ka call jab aata hai, toh I think, ‘saala, fir se baat karne padega.’.”
My mom, does not have to receive my call before she knows the reason behind me calling. Before ‘Hello’ comes, “Paise chahiye?
Anyways, that is all for now. I will talk more in posts to come.