Manipal – In days of yore – Photo Feature

All pics courtesy @maheshpai, from the album by the same name.

The 9th Block and Annapoorna mess in 1999

9th Block before the glamour

Ground floor of the Central Library – The inside of the MIT Central library

Kamath Circle – Before Shiva, before the Auto stand, before the wall, before the Food Court. Heck! This was even before the Circle was built!

MIT from TC. Yes, TC. – Before they built the Manipal Logo and Fountain wala circle

Green MIT before the Cement age

Another View!

Yet Another view of the old Manipal Institute of Technology Campus

Where are all the buildings? Manipal of the late 90’s.

A view of The MIT Quadrangle in 1998

Another view of the MIT (Manipal) Quadrangle

The original snack shack, before it was shifted to the one at Tiger Circle

Student Elections in 1998 – In the days of print media

The Lending Section of the MIT Central Library

The MIT Central Library. We kid you not.

The Syndicate Bank area – At the entrance to the Campus. Used to be and still is quite a busy area!!

The Text Book Section – People used to study too 🙂 No facebook or twitter 🙂


  1. @ Anonymous It is always difficult to accept change, but change is inevitable! The opinions and comments expressed here, show the tremendous change that has taken place, and of course, you are correct. In a few years from now, things will be much different

  2. Touching. .nostalgia. we hardly had digital camera in our times. Just handful of pictures apart from those in memories

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