The Unknown Dark

It was revenge!
A pure feeling of vengeance surged
Through the blood, of the urge to avenge!
The vile wanted to be purged

But not of guilt, or sacrilege
It was to be purged of innocence
It was to take a manifestation of rage
The wicked and dark made more sense

The hate swelled up inside, as he
Made the worst of cuts
The feel was as painful as could be
As the dagger pierced and slit the guts

He, the dark shadow of the immortal almighty
The devil, was he called
The crowned ruler of hell, was in an darker way, mighty
By need itself was he, upon called

A need to axe the crooked souls of the earth
Needed to be done in the most gruesome way
Only the master of death could find such brutality a mirth
An example was made out of one who needed to know of the price to pay

In the darkness of guilt, through the depths of fire
Came the hooded punisher of bad and vile
The heart of the condemned was in a balance very dire
As the devil brought down the axe, the clemency did sile

To give way to a cold hearted kill
With contact between the fire of hell, and the skin of mortality
With pain of the highest degree did the guilt’s nerve fill
Those few seconds of the contact were the worst for sanity

The gates of the underground did open, with a gust of cold heat
And the new comer was welcomed with a rain of fire
The pierce of guilt and causes of anguish elite
The devil was the messenger of all the hostility and ire

The condemned was bought onto a stage before the hooded terror
And all his sins read out loud so that he could clearly hear
And make out with a conscience struck with horror
That the judgment against him was crystal clear

The guilty repelled and repented
His sinful deeds, and asked for an opportunity
To show how much regret drove him demented
Of life, he seeked continuity

The darkness behind the hood seemed to stare
At the inferiority in front of him, and to himself chime
A little while later, the devil did say with a voice of nightmare
“Better luck next time”

:- C.S.Sailendra