Celebration: Manipal ishtyle!

After India won the match everyone had started screaming and swearing at the top of their voices. Ahem ahem! My throat still pains. And when I was thinking that the celebrations were dying out, madness ran through streets of Manipal like adrenaline in my blood. People were on their bikes and cars waving flags as though India had already won the cup! The pubs were full and so were the shops near the hostel. God I have an exam today but I would never miss that for thousands of exams!
Evidently, India unites at times of war and an India-Pakistan match. Today no one was a stranger. Each and every scream was understood by everyone. The language of joy is universal. I along with my friends witnessed this with our very eyes. Even some of our teachers were dancing in frenzy in front of the Edu Building celebrations. Traffic blocked and music everywhere, it was truly a time of true happiness and a bit of craziness.
I don’t know about the finals but emotionally India has won and at last Indians are satisfied and peaceful at their hearts. Cheers to the men in blue!!


"Evidently, India unites at times of war and an India-Pakistan match" Kind of sad isnt it that we need to be firing either missiles or balls at each other to be united? 🙂