Efficient Laziness

Before 8th semester arrives for Manipal students, you are on the career-changing crossroads of life. Most people opt to do their internship outside in a reputed company, probably even get converted into a proper job there. However, a more select crowd of lazy people decide to stay here in Manipal. I was one of them.

One of the many questions that I’m made to face, on a daily basis, by my friends working outside is, “What do you do the entire day there?”. Pat comes the reply, “Nothing.”, to which I either get a judging look(if I’m face to face) or a judging tone of voice(when I’m on the phone)

Its true, I do absolutely nothing constructive(apart from my project, which seems to give me a purpose in life). But I had foreseen this when I took my decision to stay here. I wanted this life.

Which brings me to my main point(of this seemingly boring article, but lets face it, if you are here, you are as bored as I am). Why do people look down upon laziness?

In the wise words of Marian Propp, “Laziness is the mother of efficiency”. It’s true, each day I see a live example of this. From making mid-term reports in the most brief, succinct manner to having work done in the most efficient way possible.(As more the efficiency, less the time it takes, more the time to relax).

What better way to spend your Sunday afternoon than being curled up in an AC room, reading one of your favourite novels, having the rest of the day in front of you, knowing that there is no work. Except that all my days, are Sundays. You might justify your cause, saying that too much of a good thing, makes it worse. I say, bring on the good stuff and enjoy it while you can.

Lets face it. In the end, when we pass out from here, we either go into jobs or higher studies. There is no time for us to lay back, relax, put your feet up and say, “This is the life”. This is what I wanted for this semester. This is what I am getting. 😀