The Weird-ass Nerdy Rockers m/

Facebook page, this is how they describe themselves…

Five Weird-ass Nerdy Rockers.

Zehen, a Rock n Roll band, likes to experiment with their music involving various instruments with a unique blend of Rock, classic riffs, psychedelic effects, metaphorical lyric writing and…..A CRAZY STAGE ACT!

2009 is when it all started and today in 2011 it has numerous gigs and winnings to its name including Ground Zero(Proshow MIT Manipal), Chaotic Symphony(Manipal), Bandish(NITK), Mantra(IITB), Riviera(VIT) and CEC(Mangalore) to name a few.

Disha Carnival 2010

 Awesome, right? I remember walking down during Pre-Revels, walking down towards the Innovation Center, MIT to withdraw some cash from a nearby ATM. The Kamath Circle ATM sucks, and hence the walk. Anyways, on looking at a large, well, LARGE crowd nearby, we joined in. Standing in the middle were five normal looking students with musical instruments. I never knew they were that awesome. I never knew of Zehen. People looked enthusiastic, I was kinda bored. And then it began….! Their rendition of the famous song Nayan Tarse was unbelievable astonishing and mind-blowing! OMG! Yes, that was exactly what I thought then, these people were professionals! And no kidding, AWESOME!

For those who are still apprehensive, you just need to come down to KMC Greens and catch them live in action!

When? 12th March, 2011
Time? 1900 hrs
Where? KMC Greens
Why? Because they are amazing, and by now, you should know it!

Alongside will be playing two other famous Indian bands Faridkot and Them Clones and you can catch up about them here: Them Clones and Faridkot in Manipal!

See you at KMC Greens tomorrow. I’ll be there, so should you!

PS. To rectify, Zehen has seven members and not five. The previous title ‘The Five Weird-ass Nerdy Rockers m/’ was in accordance with Zehen’s Facebook page. Thanks for noticing this and if you do not know what’s happening here, check out the comments below. Sincere apologies. 🙂

<Images from Zehen(Manipal) Facebook page>

Hope the Show is as Awesome as your writing 🙂