GANDHI: The Father of the Nationwide Corruption – 1

[ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi aka ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi is the face the world recognizes India with. He had great ideas for his country, the purest soul, and was a selfless human-being, who had the courage to stand up against the cruel oppressive rulers, without a single weapon, and free our great nation from the colonialistic Emperors. BULLSHIT. ]

Most of us Indians, though educated, are a non-thinking and a gullible lot… and our history is proof enough for this. Despite being quite a strong civilisation ever since the Harappan times, we have been, time and again, fooled into submission, first by the Aryans, then by the Sultans, followed by the Mughals, and then the Europeans, each time the societies more-or-less merging into one-another. We have a history of being possessors of knowledge, and not users of it. We NEVER apply the knowledge we have in practical applications. A more recent example would be the boom in the IT Sector. Name THREE software products that have come out of India in the past ten years. You can’t. That’s exactly what my point is.

Tell me what we lack in. Manpower? Natural resources? Or maybe intelligence? I think everyone will agree when I say our nation has plenty of all these fundamental needs. It’s just that we don’t know, or maybe do not WANT to know how to USE them.
Now tell me who DECIDES how to use all these resources (natural resources, manpower, & intelligence). Can’t guess? It’s our leaders. And ever since we have had democracy, have we EVER been able to achieve the status that we have sometimes enjoyed in the past? Have ANY of our universities attained as high a status as Taxila and Nalanda? Have we ever had a ‘Golden Age’ like we had at the time of Chanakya and Chandragupta Maurya, or even come anywhere close to it? Leave golden, have we ever come near a ‘Bronze age’? NO!!!
Then I ask you one last thing- who chooses these leaders that choose how to use all these resources? Maybe you don’t know, or even choose to ignore it, but it’s YOU. YOU are the ones responsible for the inefficient way this country works…. And it’s all because YOU don’t THINK. Why don’t you bloody THINK??? Do you EVER question what you are told? Do you ever try to find out if what’s being told to you actually is a fact? Do you ever try to UNDERSTAND what is taught to you??? The answer is- most of you do NOT. And I ask you- WHY THE HELL NOT?
Do you know who made the Qutub Minar? Anyone? Delhiites? Do you know why the area it is situated in called ‘Mehrauli’? Do you have ANY FRIGGIN’ IDEA??? “History is written by the victors.” Winston Churchill very rightly said. And so has been the case. The Sultans came, saw the amazing monument, and took all the credit for it themselves. Qutub Minar was made as an astronomical observatory for the great scientist and mathematician Varamihira by Chandragupta Vikramaditya. Cannot believe me? Click here to read more. Do you know ANYTHING about our country? NO!! And still you say you are proud of it….. ignorant fools. WAKE UP!!!
I think this much is enough to ponder on, for today. I’ll post the second part of this post soon. Till then, think about what I’ve said here, and for God’s sake, be OPEN MNDED. Be INQUISITIVE. Try to know whether what is being told to you is the TRUTH. Till then, goodbye.

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