GANDHI: The Father of the Nationwide Corruption – 2

DISCLAIMER: This post is not intended to harm anyone’s sentiments, or to cause public unrest. It just states FACTS and tries to draw a logical conclusion from them. It contains STRONG VIEWS and language.


 [ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi aka ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi is the face the world recognizes India with. He had great ideas for his country, the purest soul, and was a selfless human-being, who had the courage to stand up against the cruel oppressive rulers, without a single weapon, and free our great nation from the colonialistic Emperors. BULLSHIT. ]

Read the preface above. I will take every adjective/description that I have used for this man, and weigh actual facts to see how many of them actually are true.
We took him as our leader, respected him like a demi-God, and looked up to him to lead us to freedom….
My first question to you is- What was this man fighting for?
Ans- Freedom from the oppressive British rule, and a new, democratic system of self-governance.
My second question is- Really?
Ans- ‘Democracy is a form of political organization in which all people, through consensus, direct referendum, or elected representatives exercise equal control over the matters which affect their interests.’
A. Indian National Congress meeting, 1938- S.C. Bose is UNANIMOUSLY elected as the new President of the congress. ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi, the perpetrator of truth and ‘democracy’, starts throwing tantrums, as HE (alone) disapproves of this decision, thereby creating a rift within the Indian National Congress, and splitting it into two units.
Indian National Congress meeting, 1939- S.C. Bose emerges out as the President once again, defeating Pattabhi Sitaramayya, Gandhiji’s favourite candidate by a clear majority. The ‘Mahatma’ starts throwing tantrums once again, and calls for a re-election. SC Bose still comes out as the clear winner. The great man is not able to take this defeat, and threatens to leave the INC if SC Bose becomes the president, thereby forcing the TRUE LEADER CHOSEN BY THE MEMBERS to resign, and form a new group.
So this is what democracy is about? This is the ‘democracy’ the ‘Mahatma’ was preaching? Using his power and influence to completely ignore the choice of the people? How is this different from the corrupt politicians abusing their power???
***********this point is wrong, as pointed out by a gentleman. i apologize.**************
B. World War II. England was putting all her effort into saving her own soil from the Axis powers. It had become weak. It was a good opportunity for India to throw out these Europeans from our land. But the Mahatma said that he ‘did not seek India’s freedom out of the ashes of a destroyed Britain’.
WTF?? Seriously?? The man was actually in favour of the British war cause!! He did not want India to fight for it’s own freedom, but it was OK for INDIAN SOLDIERS to fight for England?? There has GOT to be something wrong with this man.
So this is where it all started, folks. This is what the father of the friggin’ nation was fighting for. He did not want democracy. He did not want freedom for his country. He wanted people to FOLLOW him. He wanted to FORCE people into following him. Ladies and gentlemen, this man laid the foundation for the corruption that is now widely popular amongst our politicians.
Read this(go to the subheading called Brahmacharya).
Did you know this? Came as a shock, didn’t it? THIS is the man you hail as a ‘Mahatma’? A ‘great soul’? My a**.
This man was SUCH a big hypocrite, he had the b*lls to preach celibacy to the masses, stay away from his wife, and SLEEP WITH HUNDEREDS OF WOMEN… And look at his shamelessness – when the media found out what he was up to, he said this was an ‘experiment’ to make him immune to carnal urges!! He then went on to sleep with his relatives, just to elaborate this excuse! The pervert!
No wonder he is the ‘father’ of the whole friggin’ nation. Did anyone tell you these things about him? NO! Ask your teachers, your parents, and everyone else you can- WHY WERE YOU NEVER TOLD ABOUT THIS?? Why were these things hidden from you?? And do tell me if you get an answer.
Read the above two points. Also read the next one. Then tell me whether he was selfless or not.
A. Read point 1-B.
B. After the second world war, England was deep in debt(to the USA). It was not powerful enough to manage it’s own homeland, let alone a big country thousands of miles away. Moreover, they had plundered us as much as they could. The Britishers finally DECIDED TO LEAVE our country. No one PUSHED them out, or FORCED them out, as you might believe.
You might not know this, but the Britishers were fed up, and wanted to live. They told the Indian leaders to draft a new constitution soon, so they could leave. But as you might have guessed, The leaders couldn’t do this.
This pissed the Englishmen off, and they gave us an ultimatum. They passed the Indian Independence Act in July 1947, and said they would leave India, whether we are able to set up a government or not.
Anyone seen silence of the lambs? Remember when Clarice Starling says she had opened the sheep-pen to let the lambs out, and save them from being slaughtered, but that the animals were too confused, and didn’t come out? She then had to take one and run. THIS is what happened. We acted like bloody SHEEP. And that is what we will be like, until you OPEN YOUR EYES, and question EVERYTHING that you are told.
C. ‘Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.’ – Napoleon Bonaparte.
Imagine you are stealing from a man who knows you are stealing from him, but whose brother tells him not to stop you. What will you do? Keep on buttering the brother, and putting him forward as a great man, so as to encourage him to keep you safe, while you are still stealing from that person. Then after some time, you would get bored, and leave.
That is EXACTLY what happened. ‘You’ symbolising the Britishers, and the brother signifying the ‘Mahatma’. He STOPPED US FROM FIGHTING FOR OURSELVES.
So…..did you know all this? THIS is how ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi is the face of Indian Corruption. THIS is why I tell you to QUESTION everything you are told. THIS is why I tell you not to be ‘Dumb, driven cattle’, in the words of H.W. Longfellow. Be HUMAN BEINGS, for God’s sake! OPEN YOUR EYES. SEEK THE TRUTH….. and again, DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU ARE TOLD.

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