I am a Blogger

On a Monday morning or a Saturday night
Tagged fiction, a truth I write
Edit it again for the grammar freak
Though beyond communication a higher cause I seek
Sometimes feel afraid before hitting publish
Think to them my story might be gibberish
But click it nonetheless the next second

Gamble my jot, the faith I put in
It’s not something huge but it’s my own
But it stays there unread all alone
After days someone makes a comment
Says “Get it off this is old trend”
I wet my eyes and I sign off my account
A mood grips me and sadness starts to mount
I go out drink my coffee with real world friends
They try to cheer me up hold my hands
I preserve the feeling come home with it
Become the punching bag which thoughts hit
When I can’t take it any longer I start typing
Edit some lines hide some feelings
I am a blogger, don’t know where I am heading
I am posting though no one is reading

On Monday morning or Saturday night
Tagged fiction,a truth I write