Late nights – “true story” :P

“ Morning – 7:00am – Alarm – Snooze – Alarm – Snooze – zzzzz….!!! -7:50am – Gosh! Late for class again. And i am still so sleepy..!!! Fine, decided that i get to bed early tonight, say by 11:00pm ? Nah!! That’s way too early. Okie I’ll make it 12 but not later than that. “

“Night – 7:00pm – Friends – Partying /Hanging out for no reason – 10:00pm – Dinner ( or may be not coz i have to order food late night anyway Smile with tongue out ) – 11:00pm – Hit bed – Laptop on lap – Itunes ( yeah baby !! ) – Facebook – urghhhh!!! So many updates – Though check all of them – Chat – 1:00am – Oh shit i had to sleep early tonight !!! – Fine, at 2 definitely – 2:00am – Still chatting uselessly with someone i don’t even bother – Anyway 3:00am – Still discovering through the internet some new and very fascinating facts or gadgets Smile with tongue out – 3:30am – Eyes start giving the whip – Okie I’m off finally – Facebook logout and Itunes close – How about one last game on cell phone !!! – 4:00am – God i wish i would have slept early – 4:30am – zzzzzz…!!! “
Yes my friends, true story Smile. And I’m sure you all would agree to that for sure coz this is the routine for 80% of us, including the ones reading this blog Winking smile. But who the hell wants to sleep early, nerds apart. So looking into the matter, I personally categorize late sleepers into certain interesting categories.
1. THE SOCIAL WANNABES – People who stick to the social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace, Orkut, and innumerable others are put together in this category. These people generally have more than 400 friends on the web and they update their status every one or two hours, using either laptops or via their Android, Blackberry or HTCs and some other Facebook supporting cell phones Smile with tongue out.  They can chat simultaneously with more than 10 people and still have time to comment on posts and photos, in between the chatting sessions. Active after 10:00pm.
11. THE GAMERS – Popularly known as the freak, gamers are the category of people who enjoy living life as it comes. They may play the roles of football players like CR, Rooney etc. or fight in as wrestlers; they may conquer empires or counter the opponent attacks with their impeccable strategies; they may have careers as car drivers or rule the world as Mafia. Their spine is usually a perfect curve and their ears are mostly hidden by soundproof headphones. They are thin coz of the irregular diet schedules and mostly survive on fast food and coke/thumbs up. Active all night, sometimes even without blinking eyes Smile with tongue out.
111. THE LOVEBIRDS – Love can turn a person blind, but trust me, one can never go deaf or dumb even after talking for almost 18hours a day on cell phones. This is love Smile with tongue out. These category gain their freedom as soon as the clock strikes 5:00pm ( after classes/work ). They can thereby be found in the campus leisurely strolling with hand in hand or hand in arm routines. But the actual activity starts after they get back to their respective hostels/places of stay. They can be identified by their Scotland Yard way of talking on cell phone (special Morse codes so that no friends sitting nearby can overhear). They may talk about a zillion subjects for hours and hours continuously, or just have the cell phone stuck to their ears for hours without saying a word. They hardly interact with other people around. Active between 11:00pm till the time they pass out, off sleep, with their cell phones or headsets still hanging around their ears or neck area.
IV. THE MOVIE ADDICTS – They comprise a rather insignificant lot as compared to the other categories discussed, but carry a huge significance. These are the people who we look forward to when we want to go watch a movie. They have all the possible info related to any movie and can act as critics too sometimes Smile with tongue out. They can be termed as scientists researching in the field of entertainment. Active hour after hour from 8:00pm onwards. Their motive is to watch as many movies possible till they drop dead everyday on their beds with their laptops hanging by the adapter/charger cords somewhere on the bed.
V. THE ALCOHOLICS – A rather debatable category includes people of almost all the  other categories, and these my friends are the Alcoholics. They are a varied type ranging from hippies to occasional drinkers Smile with tongue out. Active after 8:00pm till they fall into some ditch or carried back.
V1. THE DRUGGISTS – People who generally hate Sun for being in the Solar System and want to kill Thomas A. Edison for the invention of bulbs. They live in dingy rooms away from light and usually have a 24 hour night Winking smile. This category is never active Smile with tongue out.
VII. THE NERDS – Last but not the least i present to you the nerd category. Absorbed in their notes (sometimes books as well Smile with tongue out), they usually oscillate sitting in their place forward and backward. They can gulp loads of notes and still look fresh for more. These people generally have their laptops and cell phones switched off during their study time. Active always till they fall ASLEEP on their books by 1:00am to get up early by 5:00am to revise Smile with tongue out.
This, pals, is all about LATE NIGHTS as MY observation on the basis of what i see around me (or sometimes even do myself Winking smile). Although i tried to include all types in these broad categories, i might have missed some, coz its already 3:00am and my eyes are about to pop out of the sockets Smile with tongue out.
So what category of LATE NIGHTers do you put yourself into? Do comment and share with all of us.
This is me, Nitin Chaudhary, signing off to sleep. Open-mouthed smile
Happy Blogging!!!


  1. Hahaha!! 😀 nice one bro!! I have to change roles with times thats why I am a perfect fit to all the categories!! (leave 6th) 😛 But its the social + movie thingie on 50% of the days!!

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