Masks We Wear – Image via Ayesha

Colourful, glistening with colours of an unknown life,
Challenging the colours of the rainbow,
They all moved with their Masks,
Each one trying to wear it uniquely,
Life seemed more like a carnival to them,
They spoke the words of compassion, appreciation,
But they get lost somewhere behind those Masks,
It is difficult to distinguish their colours,
They seem a unison at times,
Their shadows are more clear,
Identities locked up behind those colours,
Colours even they can’t identify,
I listen to the words trying to melt my already
suspicious heart,
The colour that never wears off,
Brightening everyday with the strength of a different

Their eyes speak different words,
But some can even mask their eyes with the drapes,
I walk further and reach for my face,
I remove my mask,
The clouds of doubt no longer haunting my vision,
Perhaps that mask was an Illusion……..