Rumor: Earthquake Predicted in Coastal Karnataka and Goa

Waiting for Judgment day… not yet 🙂

It was just another routine question asked by the “Akka” in our department at Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Mangalore! She asked, “Madam, will you be going to the interiors of the state tomorrow? “. I was a bit thrown off by this unusual question from her, unusual because, she is never one to ask questions, usually carries on with her work, in an efficient, no-nonsense manner!

I inquired as to why she asked the question and since it is not a holiday for us, why would I be wasting a leave, when I could keep it for later! It was then that she told me….

“Madam! All my colleagues are leaving Mangalore and Manipal tomorrow, because there is prediction of an earthquake occurring  on the 19th (Holi Festival Day) and will wash out the entire Coastal Karnataka and Goa, similar to what happened in Japan!”. It was a while before I recovered from this piece of shocking news and informed her that all these things are just rumors and shouldn’t be believed in!

She however remained unconvinced and has decided to leave after imploring with me to do the same! When I refused to do the same, she said she will pray for my safety and left!!

So now I wait, for the earthquake that is predicted due to the moon nearing the earth!!