15 Photos to test your patience – Photo Feature (NOT)

And we are eagerly awaiting 😉

That’s the way we do it …. aha aha!

Dum di di dum di da dum di di dum!!

No!! Really?!!

Want to add anything to this?? Please leave it in the comments 😛

Every dog really has it’s day – I do hope this one is photoshopped!!

I knew something was wrong – I changed the spelling didn’t I? What spell-check??

And coming soon – Janata ‘Dal’ Masala

Ah!! There is no T.M.A Pai yet 😀

What?? That’s a Camel right!!?

“PutLong” … very long….

And they don’t know this yet?? Are you sure??

Murder of the English Language… Aloud!!

All the Air out… yet?

Sony. Make. Believe.

Note: Found these on various forums and facebook profiles. I do not hold the copyright for these images. If you are the owner of the same, please get in touch with us and we will credit you or remove the image as you suggest!


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