4/2 – Is this gonna be THE DAY?

42 days and 47 matches later, we have two of the host nations playing an All Asian World Cup Final. I have come across multiple blogs and articles on the world cup and am not gonna dish out facts and bore everyone.

This post is merely to share my views on the one and only Sachin Tendulkar.

This little fellow, is the heart throb of a billion people [1.21 bn to be precise!], he has won almost all the coveted prizes the game could ever offer EXCEPT, the Ultimate Glory in the Beautiful Game.. The World Cup.

To get the body going even after serving over 20 years, the man’s mind is nothing but pure passion for the game. He doesn’t run behind numbers, they are just lost as he transcends to Bradman’s league.

The scene is beautifully set for him. Home ground, possibly last world cup, a convincing one day side to support his mission. But the question which every Indian dreads, Will Sachin retire? There is a limit to which one can push one’s body no matter how much the mind desires.

If India does lift the world cup, If Sachin scores a 100 tomorrow, his 100th ton, IMO, that would be the ideal culmination, to lift the Cup at home, right where he started playing from his school days

It is not a day we look forward to, but it is something each and every Indian prays for.. that he wins the World Cup which he richly deserves.

Tomorrow will be the real test of character for the Indian team, all the efforts over the last month and a half should culminate in cup glory, they need to justify their words [We want to win this for Sachin]with action!

Jeetega bhai Jeetega India Jeetega! Jai Hind!