7 Books To Read Before You Die(for History-Mystery lovers)

Do you like to find out interesting facts? Do you like delving into plots that get you thinking about ancient mysteries that, to this day, have not been solved?
Here is a countdown of books that you would hate to miss:
7. The Da Vinci Code:
The curator of the Louvre has been murdered in a gruesome manner. Robert Langdon, a professor of symbology at Harvard, gets strangely involved in the search for the murderer with the curator’s grand-daughter.
This starts a fast and exciting plot that involves Leonardo da Vinci, Jesus, The Holy Grail, the Roman Catholic Church, The Knights Templar, and much, much more.
6. The Judas Strain:
A ship is seemingly hijacked by Somalian pirates, and the people on board contract a disease of dubious origins.
In a race against time to find the cause, the cure, and the answer to some other mysterious happenings, we are taken into the ancient Cambodian temples of Angkor Wat, study the human DNA, and some ancient Hindu scriptures, and look into some other ancient mysteries.
Although the ending is not very impressive, the author provides us with some very good topics to ponder upon.

5. Pharaohs and Kings:
The chronology of the ancient Egyptian civilization and the timelines of many pharaohs are still unclear, and debated among Egyptologists.
The author, an Egyptologist himself, tries a different approach to solve these ancient mysteries-he compares he events of the ancient Egyptian civilization to Biblical events!
….and he does get some very good results. A book that got the author a lot of recognition around the world, this book makes a very interesting read for people interested in finding out more about the ancient mysteries of Egypt, and obviously, of the Holy Bible.
4. The Lost Symbol:
This is the most recent book by the author Dan Brown of the ‘Da Vinci Code’ fame, that got a lot of boos from the readers due to its catastrophically bad ending. But the book contains enough substance to still be considered in this list, that too above The Da Vinci Code.
We again find Robert Langdon in a mystery that leads us into a plot involving the Freemasons, the Founding Fathers of America, the amazing knowledge possessed by the ancients, and the symbology in modern-day American buildings.
Although this book was much disliked for it’s seriously bad climax, it demands a read-through for the really interesting facts it tells us, and the matters it makes us think upon.
3. The Rozabal Line:
Written by an Indian author, and obviously inspired by Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code’, this book looks into the story of an American Catholic priest, who is disturbed by visions-visions that look like the crucification of Jesus Christ!
In a parallel plot, an elite terrorist group is forming within the Lashkar-e-Toiba, that consists of a leader, and his twelve chosen followers, who plan to bring the world to an end(symbolically, of course) in 2012.
Strangely, the group shares many similarities with Jesus, and his twelve apostles!
Through the course of the plot, we look into interesting topics like past-life regression, Crucification of Jesus Christ, and even his lost years, which have actually been documented in the Rig-Veda and some ancient Tibetan texts, and we reach an unexpectedly beautiful conclusion(that you will have to find out for yourself).
Though the book gets pretty presumptuous(and a little childish) towards the end, it definitely deserves a reading for it’s exciting plot and awesomely interesting facts.
2. Angels and Demons:
The first(and probably the best) book by Dan Brown, this book looks into the disturbed and violent history shared by science and religion.
The Pope is dead, and elections for a new Pope are underway. This is when the four main contenders for the title go missing-kidnapped by an agent of an ancient scientific group formed by Galileo, who have finally resurfaced to bring Christianity to an end.
How do they plan to do this? By using science to blow up the entire Vatican City and all the Cardinals inside, while killing the kidnapped Cardinals at regular intervals, and branding their chests with the names of the four ancient elements.
An amazing book with an amazing plot, and a mind-blowing climax(probably the best you’ll ever read), this book has everything you might ever ask for.
…….and FINALLY (drumrolls, please!)…….

1. Black Order:
Written by the author of ‘The Judas Strain’, this book tops the list of the 7 books you MUST read before you die(for History-Mystery lovers).
Black Order starts with a Himalayan expedition that goes wrong, followed by the mysterious death of every single person at an isolated Buddhist monastery. Everyone is dead. Even the cattle…. but the cause of death is not known. It seems madness has transpired here. Severed limbs and heads are piled up neatly in the courtyard….
Slowly, but steadily, we are pulled into an amazing plot involving a Neo-Nazi organization, the dream of a powerful Aryan race, quantum theory, lost German technology of the second World War, and even a stolen copy of the Holy Bible that belonged to none other than Charles Darwin!
The plot takes us from the Himalayas to Germany, to learn about the Nazi cult, and even to the wild African grasslands.
In an epic tale that spans from even before life on Earth was formed, to the formation of the first living cell, to Darwin’s theory of evolution, to the second World War, to the modern day, and even into the future, we ponder upon topics like Neo-Nazism, evolution, quantum theory, religion, and even God.
Trust me. You DO NOT want to miss this one.
So what are you waiting for? Put on your thinking hats, light your pipes, and delve into a world of wonders and mysteries!
PS: Tell me how you liked the list. Are their other books that i might have missed? What are YOUR favorite books of this genre? Waiting for your opinions!
PPS: Here is a link to eBooks for Judas Strain & Black Order.
The author deserves a return for his hard(and AWESOME) work, doesn’t he?