Airport thoughts

What do you do when you are at Bangalore… more specifically, at Bangalore airport and you have almost two and half hours to waste?
Of course, if you are writer like me, you flip out your laptop and type… or as I call it – “trypble” (typing scribble, for the new!)
I’m going home as it’s my study leave… but mostly because I have started to miss the air of Kolkata. The smell of the city danced in my dreams until I finally made up my mind to go home… and yes I also plan to study! (Or so I hope!)
So here is my airport update… airport fashion statements are still the same. Uncles and businessy people all decked in suits. Others in casuals, shorts, jeans and la la la… Yellow seems to be the new fav. I see a lot of it… yellows and oranges.
The talk? Yes, it’s mostly Anna Hazare here. People are really talking about him. And in my point of view, it’s good. Personally, I support his cause as well. I can hear a lot of bengali around me too. Nice to hear the language again!

And did I mention I just love the Bangalore airport. This is my second time here, and I still can’t help but ogle at everything shiny around me. As I sit amidst all the metal and glass, here is what I am thinking…
Have you ever taken a breath of freedom… the feeling you get when your mind is totally free from all the burdens and pressures of this world… when you smile, and not just curve your lips in the upward direction but actually radiate the warmth that a smile is supposed to give! When you feel light and your heart dances inside you… when you look around and you see the world in colours – the birds, the trees and the breeze. Yes, especially the wind, as it tickles your neck and tosses the hair. Have you ever felt it all? Don’t look at this post as if it is written by a hopeless romantic. It sounds so because it was written by a free mind…
Like Tagore said…
“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high… into that land of freedom, O my father, let my country awake!”
It is 8.30 am here… and so, Good Morning world! Time to wake up!


  1. The best thing I remember doing in the any airport is go to all the duty free shops and find things which could be turned into something dangerous on board, and then think why did they allow such a thing to be there! Also find loopholes in the security and say ah..! Why couldn't they figure this one out! Its not normal I agree but i get a lot of thoughts like that when i am eating there!

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