Beauty and The Beast – Saharsh Sahai

I look into the vast darkness

With lifeforms lightyears away
Marooned and completely clueless
Forsaken; I feel mortal and human
Weak and broken to the very core

The very fabric of human existence
Its flawed and I could sense it
At an age that betrayed my experience
I was nothing similar to a human
As I was a beast: Born to hurt
Born to test that very flawed fabric

Oblivious to the screams around me
I went on; With no signs of stopping
As I went berserk with my ruthless axe
Chopping and smearing blood on my chest
Converting life into slashed dead bodies
Amidst the blood-shed I saw a Valkyrie
Reverting the damage done to my foes
Me: Amazed at the audacity of the angel

Her aura made me feel what I never felt
Something I thought I could never feel
A feeling that provided solace to my soul
A soul: Injured by the frenzy in the air
Belonging to a heart that did not beat
Serving the sole purpose of pumping blood

As I stood there completely stunned
Hypnotized by her overwhelming presence
Our eyes met for the fraction of infinity
Yes, it was infinity and not a mere moment

She smiled as she undid what my axe did
And moved in the direction owned by me
Without a hint of terror felt by her army
The little silhouette blocked my sight
And made me lose my temper within a blink
I froze dead: Still hypnotised by her eyes
I was witnessing the turmoil within
A sandstorm that was taking over my heart
A heart that never felt these tremors
Tremors what those humans called heart-beats

Yes, I was tranforming into a mortal human
With the beast crying out for the first time
I felt what those fragile little things felt
Remorse, pain, regret, guilt, fear and tears
I felt the infernal heat of fire and brimstone
As I scattered the crowd with my primal roar

Seconds later, I dropped my bloody battle axe
That got me the heads of many fallen heroes
I look into the puddle of blood I formed
Amazed by the expression in my humane eyes
Gods cheered as the beauty helped the beast
On his vertical base that was totally human

Centuries went by, with the beauty by my side
I lost all the attributes of the monster I was
I enjoyed the small little things around us
The subtle drift from spring to autumn
The blooming of a bud into a complete flower
I smiled as I saw with a touch of euphoria
My eyes finally getting used to innocence
But the times were changing lightning fast
Changing so fast that humans could not feel

That fateful morning ruined everything
As my heart initiated the earthquakes
Destroying the little haven we built
Breaking down the walls with each beat
I woke up to find my Valkyrie’s absence
Human emotions flooding the vacancy made
With the demon coming out of his slumber
And the human trying in vain to stop it
I stood there writhing in excrutiating pain
As the two started a battle that meant my end

My franctic search for my Valkyrie began
The one who healed my soul centuries ago
The one behind the redemption of my soul
The one who made me feel like the mortal
The mortal who succumbed to his injuries
Given to him by the fury of the demon in me

I leapt from one galaxy to the other
Looking for the trail made by my Lover
I tried with tears in my cruel, inhuman eyes
To find that one single sign of my beloved
Every failure added to my fury and pain
The only two emotions I could, now, feel

After searching for the better part of the century
I give up, with my tears calming my demon down
I have just been reduced to a monster with emotions
Crying on a star that did not even allow my tears to fall free
Bleeding due to the voluntary wounds given to my own sweet body

I give up on my Valkyrie, my Queen that saved my drowning soul
I sit down with my bloody battle axe; with no one in sight to slay
And watch the stars burn to their glorified and over-hyped ends
Asking for forgiveness for my past: The heinous crimes I did
That I committed due to my blind daemonic side: Tarnished
The blood of the foes I crushed due to the crazy madness I had
I ask for forgiveness: I beg for forgiveness: Please my Valkyrie

Please my Valkyrie, my Goddess Aphrodite; forgive me for my sins
And come back to thy forsaken beast; the beast who is a human now
Come back O Queen Aphrodite; Turn back to thy beast; Thy tamed lion
As Thee is the Saviour of thy tamed daemonic and cruel monster
I shalt not hurt anyone; I shalt take care of our blessed off-springs
Please turn back in time and make everything right for the poor souls
As I feel what you feel and I live in a plethora of ignorance: I do
I feel like the forsaken Monster; buried in the deep-dark depths of hell
I shalt not break any more bounds as I am just another tamed daemon……

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