A Blind Date….

It was nearly a year and a half since the time we had first met. Since then we chatted online with each other almost everyday. We also began exchanging gifts on birthdays. I was extremely happy. I realized how this had changed me. The internet had become a part of me, my life & my beliefs.

We had the same interests – books, movies, restaurants, the kind of music especially A.R. Rahman’s.  Sometimes I thought it was all too good to be true. All I wanted to do was talk to her day & night. I kept thinking of her. All my thoughts were about the way she might look and act. I had fallen in love with a girl who existed only in my imagination.

I fantasized her as beautiful & smart. What if she is unattractive & clumsy ? Not her fault in any way but how would I be comfortable? But now, flashing on the screen was an e-mail from her. She wanted to meet me finally, at the café…

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The day arrived I found myself hurrying up and rushing to the café. It was 2.30 in the afternoon and I realized how early I was. Café was empty except for an old man reading newspaper I made myself comfortable and thought it was the exact environment to talk to her. Though I could feel my heart beating faster, I tried to be at ease.

“The first table near the window” she had written. I sat at the other table, picked up the newspaper & flipped through. Just then, the door opened. I saw a girl entering the café she went to THAT TABLE and sat. She was ill dressed and her hair fell carelessly. She appeared unattractive bringing a sad end to all my imagination. I was disappointed.

Few minutes later, another girl pushed into the café, flushed due to hot sun. She looked all around and sat behind my table. She was casually dressed in a T-shirt & jeans, with a wheatish complexion but beautiful. The girl who had arrived earlier ordered for noodles and started hogging it too.

It was my fault to having built castles for her in the air I thought. Without even talking to her I got up and walked out straight home. For next few weeks I didn’t turn on the computer. When I finally logged in, there was an E-mail from her. It read “Hey, why didn’t you come to the café? I waited there for quite long.

Anyways I wanted to meet you before I leave to Bombay. I got admission in genetics there I was just wondering if we could have met. The table I told you was occupied by another girl so I sat on the one in front of that, I would have loved to see you talking to that moti confusing her for me. I don’t think I’ll catch
you anytime Good luck…. Bye …..

I was a fool, I missed her I wouldn’t see her anytime again. But I wouldn’t give it up so easily I thought and decided to go to her place when I heard a voice shouting. “Vishaal get up.. It’s 7.30 you will be late for the college.”

Unwillingly I had to end my dream……….

What would you guys have done? Is beauty really skin deep??

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  1. You were saved, Vishal! Blind dates can be really be blind and bring limitless blindness. It's too much of a gamble. Don't go for who sat where sort of stuff. Good that you didn't run into risks, buddy. And yes, beauty is skin deep, at least to an extent. You've got to be presentable. No?

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