A title??? It needs one?? really?

Addictively Yours 🙂

This can’t be happening!! This can’t be happening to me!! Why me!! Why did you choose me!! I have always been running away from you!! Far away where you cannot reach me…

After all these years of just being happy with my self, suddenly out of nowhere you drop in and whisper into my ears “ I have come to take away your soul, I have come to conquer your mind”… why in God’s name did you choose me???

These are some words that you might come across when people fall in love or may be “heart-break” or something.

To me if you ask it looks like as if there is something that has changed life to a great extent….

Let me share something with you all.

This blogging thing had been going on in my mind for a very long time. Then suddenly in one pleasant January afternoon it just clicked me “ahhh!! why don’t i start blogging?? ”

So, there it was : i opened an account in blogger, posted my first blog and so on. There was a self-satisfying smile in my head..” Finally!! I did it” …The day went off.

But the next day when i opened my mailbox, there i saw an invitation from “The manipal blog”…I was so happy…My eyes popped literally and brain thinking ” What does it say it’s “THE MANIPAL BLOG” really????” …Then it went on like that, i joined and so on..

Now it’s been i think three long months..And it is really a long time..And it’s been a good journey till now.. What i have seen is “this blog is an awesome blog”..Floods you with information, happenings in manipal and what not. Though i think you all will agree with me if i say “Manipal” is a “happening” place!! Right guys??? 😉

Facts apart, it provides a very good platform for the writers, the photographers and even the readers.

They say ” writing heals your mind and soul”

And if you go through this blog, there are different people with different ideas.. Trust me you will actually enjoy reading them..And if you are a “manipalite” then there’s of course a different feeling 🙂 🙂 Of course it’s a damn good one 🙂 🙂

And for me if a say.. It’s become part of my life..I go to work, check my mails, open a window of manipal blog…The mail window closes and opens several times but the manipal blog window stays opened till i log out…My day starts with it and ends with it..Everyday you get to read “so many” posts..It’s become an addiction, a serious one. I guess i won’t mind this addiction at all..

When we hear “ADDICTION” , usually in pharmacology it refers to “Drug addcition” which is “very very BAD”…But in this case it is “BLOG-ADDICTION” which is “very very gooooooood” !! 🙂

I think this post needs a little addition ” The vote of thanks”…What say??

So, here it goes:

O course the list includes..blogger, google, facebook and twitter… Now you must be wondering from where do these “sites” come in?? han??? what about us “The members’????

Ahhh!! that was just a little bit of formality you see..You got to do this…

It’s always the readers people thank first, so “Thank you all” 🙂

The members: great job guys!! keep it up, keep the flooding blog 😉

Alright alright!!! O course there are some people who should be thanked for starting this wonderful blog it’s them “The pharmacologists” 🙂

Over all : Thank you all 🙂

Long live “The manipal blog”

“Keep reading, keep posting”


  1. Thanks Devasrita 🙂 … This means a lot to me personally! Never thought this blog will grow to such an extent. Your reassurance gives me the strength to see it reach further heights!!

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