Family Evening at Malpe Beach: A Photo Feature

Went for a little ride to Malpe this evening. Realized AFTER I reached that it’s a Saturday! Tons of families that had gathered there. It was a beautiful site. The families yes, the unclean beach no.  Was greeted by a yawning camel as soon as I entered!

The Mystical Yawning Camel at the Malpe Beach near Manipal!

I love the interactions of parents with their kids.  The way they try to protect them from any harm or evil.  At the same time the joy of being with them.

Keeping the clild close to the heart!
Safe fun and thrills!

Best Friends? Siblings?
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The joy is so visible! I love the expressions of thrill and excitement on the child’s face!

Holding hands.

Being together up or down!

🙂 Loved this one.  Helping the kid get wet in the waves!

Dad teaching the kid how to fly a kite!

Family camel ride!


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