First rains arrive in Manipal!

First clouds as seen from my room… Ominous signs!!

It was just yesterday when I was thinking about the arrival of rains in Manipal. And lo!! I am watching the rains as I write this. The thunders are, well…just thunderous!! The rain saga in Manipal has started and I am just enjoying seeing people run for sheds once again. 🙂

It get’s darker as the clouds hover over the KMC College Building!
The streets are deserted again, as rain pours over the University Campus!


  1. A mouth-watering treat in the form of photographs! Also a strong reminder of our long gone days at Manipal, the pictuersque sites, the panoramic view from one's own windows, the painting like beauty! These photos bring the beauty of Manipal as well as its daily life together!

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