KMC Flava 2011 at Manipal Greens 27.4.2011

Kothu Parotta

Had a chance to check out the annual KMC FLAVA 2011 at the KMC Greens.  Missed a bunch of the dances as I got there late.  But to be honest, I was there for the food. This year we didn’t have the 20 – 30 stalls of all around the world, it was an all Indian FLAVA. A much much much smaller scale FLAVA then  before. As always I decided to start from one end and move on.  I was “forced” into the Sri Lanka stall and then I was “made” to buy Kothu Parotta, which I must say was pretty nice.

Their chocolate bread pudding thing was a bit too sweet for my taste buds though.

Among other things I tried the Kheer at the Punjabi Stall which was awesome! Even the Punjabi Chole with Bhatura’s were nice.

Burnt Appam with Chicken… a bad plate perhaps…

The appam with Chicken Curry at the Kerala stall was the biggest disappointment.  Maybe we got a bad plate or something.  We heard some good things, but when we got the dish, it was burnt on the inside.  The appam was so hard. Putting it simply it wasn’t edible an went into the trash.

The decorations everywhere were beautiful.  Almost everyone had done up their area’s really well.  Sri Lanka / Kerala and Andra Pradesh stood out though.

Sri Lanka in Manipal Flava 2011

A large Kollam outside the Kerala Stall
Students in Traditional Attire at the Flava 2011 Food fest

We also tried the Chicken Biryani at the Andra Pradesh stall.  Dry piece of chicken, with plain colored rice without a shred of seasoning. Edible nonetheless.  But boring.  I expected better especially when the people there were claiming how it was done as it’s done at home and it’s so awesome.

Dum Biryani anyone 🙂

Check out the complete set of pictures here.


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