Freeloaders in Manipal

With so much of our money, courtesy, things devoted to them it would be so unfair not to write a post on this stinking section of society in Manipal.

Urban dictionary defines Freeloaders as

Freeloader – (Noun): Someone who lives off other people’s lives. They don’t pay for anything and never pay you back.

I am quite sure this is nothing new and everyone in here must have experienced this (except the freeloads themselves lol!) .

I mean picture this dude when you ask for money from someone and beg your way to it and the person trusts you, you gotta respect that as a human being. If you are in a problem and can’t pay that is an entirely different scenario but what the hell is forgetting all about it?

Here are some of the greatest misunderstandings freeloaders might be having.

  1. Just because we don’t point it out to you all the time that you owe us money doesn’t mean we have forgotten all about it.
  2. No we are not obsessed with paying your bill for food, auto etc . We are not your parents
  3. Yes I remember the last time we went shopping and you used my card as you didn’t have cash “that time”
  4. If your dinner bill is more than 4 times ours splitting it “equally” and when ours is just 10 bucks more “making us pay individually” dosent quite go unnoticed.
  5. If and however we want to pay for you we’d use words like “it’s on me” , “I got it” do look out for them it shouldn’t be that hard.
  6. You might take advantage of our emotions and ask for money and never pay back but dude there will be a limit.
  7. When you borrow things from us we expect them back in one piece.
  8. When we want to do charity we give it to someone in need not to you.
  9. If you ask us to get the passes for the show but decide not to come. Well you are fu*king paying for it.
  10. If you mishandled our stuff you are supposed to get it right back however most of the time if you honestly tell us we don’t mind but in no way fooling around is acceptable.
  11. Your parents won’t be able to tolerate the fact that someone is pointing fingers at their kids for money when they tried their best to fulfill all the needs that you have.
  12. There are circumstances when people are not in the condition to pay back but deciding not to even after having all that money and on top of it behaving as if we forgot is by no means acceptable.
Dedicated to all the freeloaders in Manipal. All freeloaders please don’t like this post or share it. I mean it.


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