How I met my Dream girl! – Sai Krishna Koppulu

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I got a zero in chemistry. I was really unhappy. My day was filled with pessimism, mental trauma shit. It dint feel good. I was all alone that day. None of my friends replied to my messages or phone calls, nah, nobody. Well, the day was getting worse and I couldn’t take that crap anymore. I went out and grabbed a cigarette. What’s with these cigarettes, you might wonder! I am telling you that it is the best thing that could ever happen to a lonely guy. Drag a puff and it is just not enough. Each drag makes it unbelievably better, believe it or not. And coming to the point, it was one of those days when I was alone, sitting on the road, with a cup of chai in my hand and a cigarette in the other. I was not thinking anything, as I usually don’t. Across the road there was this fight, rather, a very common fight. It could have been for money or something, I dint give it a thought and I wasn’t interested.

Suddenly, a Honda Civic came super-fast and stopped in front of me. It did bother me. God, I love that car. And then, this 10 feet 10 inch guy with a 66-pack body got down from the front seat. (You get the point, right?). He looked like a brown Bruce Willis. And from behind it was another guy, who got down. Looking well educated, he carried himself well. And then something started bothering me. I started shivering. Maybe it had something to with the all the bad things that happened to me all day long. Then, this beautiful woman entered from the other side of the car.

I was staring at her, with the cigarette in my mouth. I felt that she looked at me for a second (and maybe she really did). And this made me suck a huge drag from my cigarette. The cigarette was in its end and I dint know. It burnt my lips and the chai fell down from my hand. I threw the cigarette down and followed her into the mall along the road. I was numb. Everything was slowly getting blurred and I was following her. I lost my way. When I realized that she was out of my sight, I came back into my senses. I started looking all over the place, hoping that I’d find her. I dint have a clear picture of her yet, as all i remember is that I made eye to eye contact with her for a fraction of a second. And it felt like I was the moth to her flame.

I kept searching for her. And then, in an ice-cream shop, I found her. I was about to enter the shop, but I as came to know, my wallet was empty. Dammit, I said to myself. I just couldn’t walk into the shop and stare at her without buying anything. The owner of the shop would ask me to go out politely, for obvious reasons. I ran near a pillar and then I leaned on it casually and started looking at her. Oh my god, she was really, really beautiful. In other cases I could have referred to her as a bitch or babe or a hot chick, but no. Those words were not made for girls like her. Beautiful is a classy term and yeah, no one deserves that adjective more than her. My heart was beating fast; I was getting high on happiness. But I could not share it with anyone. She was eating an ice-cream while I kept thinking about my chocolate fudge. I wondered what her name was. You don’t call girls like these with ordinary names. As I was looking at her, I started sliding down the pillar.

At that very moment she looked at me. My butts were about to hit the ground. She gave me a look, the ‘watch out’ look. Bam! I hit the ground. I wasn’t embarrassed. I got up quickly and smiled at her and unexpectedly she returned the favour. I became crazy. It was like a symphony with a million pianos, playing in my heart. And that set my spirits high. I couldn’t make out what she was wearing. Looked like a princess to me, though. And then she left the ice-cream shop. I couldn’t find her again. I was running like an idiot now. I went and looked outside. Her car wasn’t there. Maybe she left, I said to myself. Suddenly I was getting this pile erection. I was scared, I was scared that I’d lose her and never see her forever. Oh boy, that was a bad feeling, it really sucked. Later I was talking to myself. If I had time maybe I would have gone towards her and started a conversation. Maybe, I could have seized the day, and in turn, seized my whole life.

Tears came out of my eyes. This feeling was like a bad trip. I tried to talk sense to myself. And then I realized that, maybe, and maybe, her car was in the parking lot. I started running towards it. I was running so fast that I fell down and hurt myself. But I kept on running. I could smell and taste my blood. I dint care. Nothing was going to stop me. I reached the parking lot, believe me, I found her car. I ran towards it and sat on the car adjacent to it. Both the cars were empty. I started biting my nails. Yeah, I was shivering, but not due to fear. I was shivering due to the unusual feeling, maybe love.

Suddenly she started walking towards me, it wasn’t a dream. She asked me, “Could you please reverse your car? It’s obstructing my car”. She had such an amazing voice. It was like, ‘She’s an ANGEL’. It isn’t my car, I said to myself. And then, I don’t know why, but I had dreamt of kissing her. I slowly walked towards her and caught her beautiful little face and I kissed her. As I kissed her, in my dream, I got this feeling that my life is done. I can die peacefully now. Wow, that was an amazing feeling. Suddenly I got dragged back, by the brown Bruce Willis. He hit me in my face. And I fell down.

As I was on the ground I realized that it aint no dream. I really told her that the car wasn’t mine and I also kissed her. And I was being beaten up by 3 guys. I could hardly make out their faces. I was bleeding, like its crazy. And then I heard her voice again. She said, “Leave him, and let’s go!” The car left, as I laid down on my own blood, coughing. I tried to get up, but it was useless. I can never see her again. I thought if I see her again, I got to talk to her. But before I would do that, the antagonist in my life would kill me. And since that day, I have Insomnia. And every day I sit alone in the same place with a cigarette and a chai, hoping that she would turn up.


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