Manipal Blog IPL League

IPL Fever is on! All the wannabe coaches of the IPL teams, here is the chance. Get registered for Fantasy Cricket League by following this link Fantasy Cricket, create your own team, join the Manipal Blog League by entering the Pin: 119775-561be42402e20a7a.

Fight with your opponent and by the end of the IPL 4 season, see where you stand!

Have the team managing factor in you? Get it out and fight for your place.

9 teams enrolled so far! The likes of Zero Order Kinetics from our very own Vishaal Bhat, a team from Gods own country Kerala XIII by Varun Babu, Trailblazers from Syam Mohan of Hyderabad and many more.

Enroll now!

Let the Battle Begin 🙂



  1. Minor correction:

    IPL == Indian Premier League
    So, no point in saying IPL League
    Extreme example:
    I entered my Personal Identification PIN Number at the Automatic ATM Machine.

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