Manipal Celebrating India’s victory at expense of What???

When whole of Manipal was celebrating team India’s victory, there’s lot more that went unnoticed. A few of them are:

  • Ceiling of the Kamath Canteen collapsed. It’s closed since two days. Owners belong to middle class family and can’t afford to repair it on their own.

  • More than 200 litres of Milk and other dairy products were tossed in air. Poor driver has been weeping since it costs him a month’s salary. It was the only resource to feed him & his family.

  • One of the security guard(doberman) was pushed down by the students pouring out of the girls hostel, while he was latching the gate. He was admitted in hospital. His fault was nothing but doing his duty.

  • Two students became the victim of the speedy bikes running in the campus and were treated at the KMC (minor injuries).

Ask yourself, Is this the way we show our patriotism? Is this the way we love & respect our Mother India and it’s citizens?

If you have even a slightest feeling in some corner of your heart that it should not have happen and there are better ways to celebrate, there’s one thing you can do. Just spread this word. Hit the share button. Let everyone in Manipal know about it!

From: The MIT Student Council.